Your Prescription Options

To provide our clients with convenience, competitive pricing, and access to their very own Online Pet Pharmacy,  Roosevelt Veterinary Center has partnered with Vets First Choice. 

Vets First Choice Online Pharmacy

Vets First Choice Online Pharmacy allows us to offer you competitive pricing on a wide variety of prescription medications and the convenience of home delivery, with the confidence that you are getting your pet’s prescription medication directly from qualified manufacturers, backed by their guarantees! Save gas, avoid traffic, and spend more time with your pet when you order prescriptions through the Vets First Choice Online Pharmacy.


Through Vets First Choice Online Pharmacy, we are able to offer our clients the same medications they can receive from our clinic, with the added benefits of:
♦  A direct link to an online pharmacy with our clinic Veterinarians. We can write your pet’s prescriptions online for you, and approve prescription requests directly.
♦  Delivery of your pet’s medications to your home.
♦  Automatic refills so prescriptions do not run out.
♦  Rebates and discounts available only to participating clients.
♦  Special compounding orders in a variety of flavors and concentrations to make it easier for you to give your pets their medications.
♦  Competitive pricing of some popular medications, such as flea and tick preventatives, heartworm preventatives, and pain management medications.


How to Sign Up

You can sign up to participate in Roosevelt Veterinary Centers Vets First Choice Online Pharmacy in either of two ways:
♦  Call our hospital and have the Veterinarian review your pet’s medical records and we’ll set up an online pharmacy account for you and write your prescriptions online directly for you.
♦  Visit the Pharmacy and sign up using the same email address on your Roosevelt Vet account and our office can directly prescribe and approve your prescription requests.

In-Office Prescriptions

If you need your RX right away or cannot use the online pharmacy, you can call the office in advance and pick them up at our office. Please call in advance of needing your RX so that we can make sure we have the meds you need. In some cases, we may need to order the medication and in this case, it may be easier to order from the online pharmacy.