Latest Therapeutics

Roosevelt Veterinary Clinic offers some of the best and latest therapeutics in pet health care to make sure your furry family members have the most modern, effective care possible. 

Heartworm prevention month in April 2024

Heartworm Prevention Injection

Proheart is an injection that gives heartworm protection for a whole year. The injection can be administered in the Roosevelt Vet Clinic offices, in minutes.


It can be tough to remember monthly medications for your dog, and heartworm disease is a year-round threat. Add ProHeart 12 to your annual wellness visit. With no monthly doses to remember, there are no gaps in protection for a full year.
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Fluorescent Light Therapy for Wounds and Skin Disease

Fluorescent Light Therapy can help accelerate natural skin regeneration on cats and dogs. Veterinarians can apply Phovia Fluorescent Light Therapy to most lesions for deep skin repair that’s up to twice as fast as alternatives.


Photobiomodulation (PBM) is a low-level form of light therapy that uses non-ionizing forms of light sources in the visible and near infrared spectrum. Phovia works with the skin’s natural healing response to help wounds heal more quickly.
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Laser Therapy at Roosevelt Vet Clinic

Laser Therapy

We are proud to offer LASER therapy,  proven for decades to aid in wound healing, arthritis, and many other chronic painful conditions. The therapy is done in the office or at your home and usually only takes 10-15 minutes per session. Some conditions require 1-2 treatments, while others may require 6-8 treatments.

FDA-Approved Treatment to Control Osteoarthritis Pain in Cats

Osteo-Arthritis is a type of arthritis that occurs when the tissue in your cat’s joints starts to get worn down, causing bones to rub against one another. You’d think this just makes moving harder, but OA can also cause severe pain. Without treatment, your cat’s pain can continue to get worse. While cat OA isn’t curable, the pain from OA can now be effectively managed.  Solensia helps your cat get back to moving more freely again and stops OA pain from disrupting the unique bond they share with you.
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