Specialty Services

Sometimes our pets need a little extra help. At Roosevelt, we offer a comprehensive suite of specialty services to make sure your furry family members have the most modern and well-rounded care possible. 


Acupuncture is much more than just a pain reliever. For dogs and cats, acupuncture can boost the immune system, improve organ functions, and can complement conventional medicines and procedures without dangerous side effects.  Special needles are inserted into specific points on an animal’s body. The needles help redirect the body’s energy fields (called chi) back into harmony. Like people, cats and dogs have about 365 key acupuncture points in their bodies. The needles induce the release of endorphins–the body’s feel-good hormone. Endorphins control pain by causing blood vessels to dilate, which increases oxygen and nutrient-rich blood to flow around joints and muscles.

Nutritional Counseling

Due to the increasing incidents of allergic skin disease and obesity in pets, we offer counseling on how nutrition plays a major role in these diseases, and we also offer blood testing for food allergies.

End of Life Care

When your pet’s quality of life has diminished and it’s time to say goodbye, Roosevelt Veterinary Center offers both in-clinic and in-home euthanasia. With both options, we provide gentle, peaceful, and compassionate euthanasia, along with aftercare for pets’ remains.
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