Dental Care

Examining your pet’s teeth and mouth is an important part of preventing dental disease, which is one of the most common health concerns in pets. Very young animals, such as kittens and puppies, also need to be checked to ensure they are developing an appropriate bite and that they are losing their baby teeth at the right time. We also take the time to discuss proper home dental care with you.
Shows dental care and pet dental surgery at Roosevelt.

The Benefits of Pet Dental Care

You might be hesitant to get your pet’s dental problems checked out because you are afraid they may lose a tooth and be unable to eat. In contrast, the opposite is true – getting rid of an infected tooth (teeth) will eliminate the pain your dog or cat feels when he eats. Prompt pet dental care, including extractions when necessary, gets your animal companion on the road to recovery quickly and safely.
The best news is that your pet can probably keep all of their teeth; many pet dental problems are the result of plaque buildup at your pet’s gum line. Our veterinarian can perform teeth cleaning for your cat or dog and other pet dentistry techniques that address most pet dental problems without having to remove any teeth. Teeth cleaning is fast, safe and effective and will improve the overall health of your pet.

Roosevelt Dental

We provide preventative dental care, routine dental exams, cleanings and extractions. We have invested in the latest state-of-the-art digital dental x-ray unit that provides everything you need for clean, clear diagnostic dental images, right at the point-of-care! We believe that healthy teeth and gums are important to the overall well-being of your cat or dog. We help caring pet owners learn how to take care of their animal companion’s teeth to promote healthy, happy lives.
Like many pet owners, you probably worry about your pet’s health and try to do what is best for your cat or dog. That may include the purchase of the most nutritious dog or cat food, exercising your pet frequently and keeping up on his vaccinations with routine care. If you are like most pet owners, however, you may not contribute much time looking at your pet’s teeth. You may not even realize that your pet’s bad breath could actually signal a serious health issue.
Animal in surgery at veterinary practice.

Tooth and Gum Disease

Tooth and gum disease causes the same dental pain in pets as it does in humans, but your pet cannot tell you about their pain until their discomfort and infection become intolerable. When a pet is in pain, they may become quiet, inactive, and lose their appetite. Our veterinarian can diagnose and address the dental problem(s) to ease their pain and restore your pet back to their usual, playful self.
Once your pet is on the road to recovery, you can provide your pet in-home preventative dental care. If you are like many dog and cat owners, you may be uncomfortable cleaning your pet’s teeth. Fortunately, we are here to teach you how to brush your pet’s teeth to remove plaque and other material that leads to tooth and gum disease.
Preventative pet dentistry reduces the risk that your pet will suffer; a serious dental problem, pain and tooth loss. Regular dental care actually saves you money and prevents your pet from experiencing needless pain and stress.