Big News from Roosevelt Mansion!

We are now open for Doggy Daycare on Saturdays and Sundays from 8am to 6pm, as well as weekdays.

Leave your pup for a day of good care, exercise, and fun with friends at Roosevelt Mansion.  $40 per full day.

Outdoor Dog Park

The mansion boasts two very-secure fenced-in areas for dogs to play and roam. Every daycare and boarding dog enjoys supervised play time with the group, depending on their comfort level.

Private Kennels

We have runs and kennels in various sizes for dogs with off the floor bedding. You are welcome to bring your own blankies and toys. The entire kennel is climate controlled.

Vet On Site

A major advantage of staying with Roosevelt Mansion is that we have a licensed veterinary clinic on the premises so we can offer regular annual wellcare as well as emergency services right on site.

Participation Requirements

In an attempt to keep all our dogs healthy, each dog who visits us needs to have a kennel cough (Bordetella) vaccine and a negative fecal exam within the preceding six months. Of course, they need to be up to date on rabies, distemper/parvo, and flu as well.

Bring Your Own Food

We know your dogs have a routine and we like to support that. We recommend and welcome you to bring your own food and instructions. We can provide meals at an additional charge.

Video Surveillance

So you can rest easy on your trip, the kennels have twenty-four hour video surveillance constantly monitored by staff.
Important Notice for Boarding and Day Care Clients
Regarding Nail Trimming and Bathing

Please note that Nail Trimming services must be scheduled through the Roosevelt Veterinary Center clinic office, and cannot be scheduled at drop-off at the Roosevelt Mansion kennel.  Nail Trimming is a veterinary clinic procedure, and must be performed there with an appointment. Also, please note that we cannot offer bathing for pets in regular boarding and daycare sessions, unless your pet is registered with the 20-day Daycare Pass Package.

Doggy Daycare at the Mansion

Got an energetic pup that could use some daily playtime? Want to socialize that puppy from the getgo? We’ve got just the thing! In addition to our overnight stays, Roosevelt Mansion offers doggy daycare Monday-Friday so your four-legged kids can spend their days learning and playing.

Alberto Archundia,
Kennel Manager

Anyone who has met Alberto, knows he has a way with animals. Considering that as a child, he was traumatized by dogs, his unique ability to connect with our canine patients now is even more remarkable. Over the past several years, alongside his wife, Dr. Glassman, Alberto has grown and developed an exceptional program at Roosevelt Mansion where pets are happy and cared for, pet owners are relieved and his team of Kennel Assistants learn and grow each day from his leadership. Come visit Alberto and the team and you’ll feel the same.

Check availability + Schedule a Tour at 845-279-6578.

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