Outdoor Dog Park

The mansion boasts two very-secure fenced-in areas for pets to play and roam. The yards include large tires and other activities and allow smaller pooches and big babies to be separated.

Private Kennels

We have runs and kennels in various sizes for both cats and dogs with off the floor bedding. You are welcome to bring your own blankies and toys. Cats are housed on a different floor and the entire kennel is climate controlled.

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Vet On Site

A major advantage of staying with Roosevelt Mansion is that we have a licensed veterinary clinic on the premises so we can offer regular annual wellcare as well as emergency services right on site.

Daily Walks + Playtime

Dogs are walked individually twice a day and also get at least two visits to the Outdoor Dog Park for playtime with other pooches of similar size, temperament and behavior.

Bring Your Own Food

We know your pets have a routine and we like to support that. We recommend and welcome you to bring your own food and instructions. We can provide meals at an additional charge.

Video Surveillance

So you can rest easy on your trip, the kennels have twenty-four hour video surveillance constantly monitored by staff.

Deluxe Private Suites

To cater to our selective pet friends, we also offer two large deluxe suites, private rooms with windows, off-the-floor comfy bedding and space for up to four pet siblings to vacation in style together.

Schedule a Free Tour at 845-279-6578.

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