1. Will Dr. Glassman be the doctor performing my pet’s surgery?
Yes, in most cases. If a specialist is needed that will be determined way in advance of the procedure.
2. Will my pet have to stay overnight?
This all depends on the procedure being performed, the health of the patient and the time the procedure is done. If your pet needs to stay the night, we have a technician come in to stay with them. If your pet is not doing well after the procedure, we may recommend you transport them to a specialty hospital for overnight intensive care. Most of the time this scenario is discussed before the procedure is done.
3. If my cat is in the hospital, will it be around barking dogs?
We do our best to keep the cats away from loud noises. We understand they are already scared being away from home and that lessening noise will help relax.
4. Why does my pet have to be dropped off in the morning if their procedure isn’t going to be done until later?
It is much like the model in human medicine. Often we are given very early admittance times when our procedures aren’t done for hours. This gives us time to perform pre-anesthetic blood work, do any Xrays we may need, place intravenous catheters, and give fluids and medication preoperatively.