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Saturday, 11/27, 2 to 5PM
Sunday, 11/28, 11 to 3pm


All events held at

Roosevelt Veterinary Center
2001 Route 22, Brewster, NY

Reservations Required for event

Please email  wmartin@rosysrescue.com
or call 914-483-0004 to make a reservation.


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Dogs and Puppies

Rosy’s Rescue

Rosy’s Rescue is the animal rescue and adoption extension of the Roosevelt Veterinary Center.  Dr. Glassman and her staff care for these cats, kittens, dogs, and puppies in between their rescue status and adoptive homes.   When you adopt from Rosy’s Rescue, you save two lives: the animal you adopt, and the animal that can take its place at a rescue center.

All our rescues are transported to us directly, and are vetted prior to transport. All are immediately examined by the doctors and technicians at Roosevelt Vet Center, with a future care plan put in place.


Then, they go to Rosy’s Rescue where they are fostered. They are not kenneled; in fact, they start the process of crate training immediately. Socialization is a major part of their fostering process, along with playdates, leash walks and leashed visits to meet the fosters cats and guinea pigs.


It’s a process that allows Rosy’s Rescue to evaluate each animal, aiding in finding the perfect match. If you’re interested in adopting immediately or in the future, please fill out this form so that references can be checked in advance.